What You Should Know Before Buying Newborn Baby Clothes

One of the best bits of getting ready for the arrival of a new baby is shopping for various items you will need such as cute new born baby clothing.  Before you head out to the shopping mall and spend a fortune it is important to work out what clothing your new born baby will need and to also consider the following when choosing the most suitable for your baby.

One mistake that parents often make is buying too many outfits in smaller newborn sizes.  During this stage of their lives babies grow quite quickly so if you have only bought clothing for a new born you will soon find that the clothes you have will no longer fit your baby.  When shopping for clothes make sure you select some bigger sizes and also hang on to the receipts of your baby clothing so you can return items that you have not used but are too small for your newborn.

When selecting clothing for newborn babies it is also a good idea to make sure the clothing you purchase is easy to wash with a washing machine and can be dried easily in a drier.  Check the labels before you buy newborn baby clothing as there is a surprising number of baby clothing lines that hand wash only or need to be dry-cleaned.  Every day baby wear needs to be easy to look after so make sure you limit the amount of clothing that has special washing instructions.

Newborn baby clothing should also be easy to put on and take off especially when you need to change their nappy.  Babies can be quite flexible when it comes to dressing them however you want to make tasks such as nappy changes as easy as possible by buying clothing that gives you quick access to the nappy area.  Many lines of newborn baby clothes have snap opening over the nappy so you don’t have to totally undress the baby to change his or her nappy.

The last important thing to consider when buying baby clothing is the comfort factor.  Look for baby clothing that has minimal zippers, buttons and snaps which can be uncomfortable for the baby while they are lying down.  It is also a good idea to select clothing that has been made from natural materials such as cotton which is more comfortable for the baby especially in areas where it contacts the skin.

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