What to do When Your Baby has a Fever

Unfortunately colds and fevers are not just confined to older children and adults, they are also a common occurrence among babies and toddlers.  The human body is a very complex organism which shifts and changes when affected by things in the environment.  Normally the body has a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit regardless of the age of the person.  A persons temperature may be elevated due to a number of reasons and once the individuals temperature has reached 38°C or 98°F or above they are said to be running a temperature or having a fever.

Fevers and an elevated temperature are common among babies and toddlers with most resulting from the child having a virus or an infection.  Babies will catch viruses and have illnesses a lot during this stage of their life as the immune system is still developing and creating defences against the many viruses and sicknesses that they may encounter.  The main side effect of the body fighting a virus or infection is a rise in the bodies temperature or a fever.

If a child develops a fever there are a few things that you can do at home to make them a little more comfortable while their temperature is elevated.  The following are some things that you can do for your child if they have an elevated temperature or fever.

It is important not to panic if your child has a fever as this is all part of the growing up stage for a baby.  Making the baby as comfortable as possible is important as they will be restless and feel miserable during this time.

In some cases it is good to use some over the counter medication such as Paracetamol to help with the elevated temperature.  There are many medications that are designed specifically for children so check with your pharmacist to determine which one is best for your baby.

If your baby has a fever that is quite severe , such as having a temperature above 40°C it is advised that you see a doctor or take your baby to hospital.  Fevers that are severe may indicate that the child has an illness that needs to be treated before their temperature can be reduced.  Children should also be taken to see a doctor if they have a fever for more than 5 days in a row.

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