Using a Pregnancy Calendar

Pregnancy calendars are a great way for mums to follow the development of their baby from conception to birth.  Pregnancy calendars are also a good reference for information that can help guide mums, especially first time mums through their pregnancy.  Many calendars include information on what to expect at different stages of the pregnancy, information on diet, exercise suggestions and also tips on dealing with symptoms that arise during pregnancy.  There is a huge range of pregnancy calendars available and the following is some details on how to use one.

The first step is to choose what type of pregnancy calendar you are going to use.  There are many different types available such as desk calendars, wall calendars and online calendars which display important information and details about a women’s pregnancy as it progresses.  All of these calendar types include space to record notes and important information which you can keep and share with the child when they are older.  Many mums to be choose to use online pregnancy calendars as they are interactive and can be updated and shared with friends via email.

A pregnancy calendar is a good place to record your due date.  After a visit to the doctor you will usually have a good idea of when your due is.  Determining your due date can be quite accurate especially when an ultrasound is used to determine how far along your pregnancy is.

After an ultrasound has determined a due date and it is possible to then work out what stage your pregnancy is and record this on the pregnancy calendar.  Information such as the development rate of the foetus, an approximate size and what parts of the baby are developing at each stage of the pregnancy are also recorded on the pregnancy calendar for easy reference.

Using a pregnancy calendar is also a good reference for mums to determine if there are any problems or abnormalities during the pregnancy.  No two pregnancies are the same however there are many symptoms and experiences that are felt by almost all pregnant women.  Information marked on a calendar can provide valuable details to your doctor in the event that something is not quite right during a pregnancy.  Information recorded on an online pregnancy calendar can easily be emailed to your doctor for easy reference and the more detail recorded on a calendar can assist with determining what if anything is not right.

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