Tips for Parenting Teenagers

Parenting teenagers can be rewarding however there are times when this can be the hardest job in the world.  Nobody is perfect when it comes to parenting and most of the time the parents just want the best for their children and to see them grow up into responsible adults who are able to look after themselves and make informed decisions.  The following are some useful tips for parents who are raising children who are teenagers and are looking for some strategies to help them along the way.

One way to create an important relationship with teenage children is to discuss issues rather than lecture them about things.  When parents lecture teenagers about issues it tends to alienate teenagers as they feel as though they are being treated like little children.  Opening a dialogue with teenagers and discussing an issue does two things it gives the teenager an opportunity to be heard and it also recognises that they have matured beyond being a child and can discuss things as an adult.

Another tip for parenting teenagers is to make sure that you don’t set unreasonable goals.  Children at this stage in their development are growing and changing and if you are setting unreasonable goals it may cause conflict and unnecessary stress in the relationship.  When considering what is best for your children it is important that they have a part in setting goals for things such as sports and also academic achievement.

Parents have an important role when it comes to encouragement and praise of positive behaviour.  It is very easy to criticize and point out mistakes when teenagers make them and it is also easy to just expect the positives such as good behaviour to just happen without any praise or thanks.  Parents need to recognise that there is great value in positive feedback.

Making sure there is room for family time in everyone’s busy lives is also an important part of parenting teenagers.  Setting aside some time to communicate with other family members on a daily bases can be as easy as having a meal together such as dinner.  Having a good relationship and strong communication lines with teenagers is important as it can be a way of monitoring things such as their health and well being.  Parents who are more distant in their relationship with teenagers can be at a slight disadvantage as they often take longer to recognise any changes with their teens that need support such as emotional or behavioural issues.

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