The Benefits of Cotton Baby Clothes

When shopping for baby clothing especially new born baby clothing, you generally come across a large amount of clothing that has been made from cotton.  There are quite a few benefits to baby clothing that has been made from cotton especially when it is compared to many of the synthetic materials that are used in clothing manufacture.  If you are wanting to know what these benefits are then read on to find out.

One of the more important benefits of clothing made from cotton is that cotton is hypoallergenic which makes it a great choice for people or babies that have allergies or have sensitive skin.  Using cotton for baby clothing is also important if your child suffers from asthma as cotton also has a dust mite resistant quality.

Another important benefit of cotton when used in clothing is that the natural material allows for better air circulation around the body.  This is great for babies that sometimes have trouble regulating their body heat and it also removes and absorbs body moisture which draws heat away from the skin and keeps it dry and cool.  This makes cotton baby clothing perfect for families that live in warmer and more humid climates.

Cotton is also a popular choice for baby clothing as the material is easy to die for different colours and can also be combined quite easily with other materials such as Lycra.  Cotton is used for many baby clothing items such as t shirts, pants, jump suits and is also used for bedding items such as sheets and light weight blankets.

Cotton also has a unique quality that makes it suitable for a large range of uses – cotton is one of the only natural fibres that actually becomes stronger when it is wet.  As well as this property cotton can also be subjected to high temperatures and also sterilization processes which makes it perfect for use as a baby clothing material.  Cotton makes the best wash and wear material and is also widely used in hospitals as bedding material such as sheets and blankets.

As well as the many practical applications cotton is also a great material for the environmentally conscious person.  Cotton is both biodegradable and a renewable resource with less than 10 percent lost in the manufacturing process.  Cotton is also available from organic sources which makes the environmental impact significantly less than many other materials used for baby clothing.

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