Should Mums Work Part Time?

Many mums fear returning to work as they think that they should be at home with their kids rather than at work. Many believe that they will miss out on their children’s milestone, like their first steps, first words and all those things that mums should be there for.

A recent study has actually shown, however, that mums with a part time job are not harming their children in any way. The study of 4,500 preschoolers in Australia actually found that mums who work part time are healthier than their full time counterparts and their counterparts who stay at home.

The study found that children of part time mums were less likely to eat junk food or watch TV and were also less likely to become overweight. The study was conducted over a two year period and the results actually suggested that mums who work part time also went to considerable lengths to make sure that they spent time with their kids and that that time was high quality, interactive time.

Jan Nicholson, of Melbourne’s Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, said: “When mothers work part-time, there’s obviously something about the way the house is run, and the way parents are looking after their children that is protective.”

The study was aptly named “Do working mothers raise couch potatoes” and it did actually find some negative results, which were that if a mum were to work more than 34 hours a week that she would struggle to find the time to engage in family activities and cooking. But then again, who wouldn’t?

Of course there are pros and cons as to the effects of working mums on their children, but it’s unlikely to do them any harm and in fact working mums should be seen as role models who support and provide for their families, whilst still being great mums.

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