Products for Baby: Things You Will Need in the First Few Weeks

One of the great little side benefits of having a baby is the chance to go out and shop for some of the cute baby clothes and items that you will need when the baby comes home from hospital.  At this point in time many parents know whether they are having a boy or a girl and this makes things a little easier when shopping for clothing and accessories.  Many parents will shop for various essential items before the baby comes home as it makes things a lot easier when your shopping if you are not juggling a new born.

Surprisingly new born babies do not require a huge amount of items or clothing during their first couple of weeks at home.  When it comes to clothing it is suggested that you buy a few one piece jump suits or Onesies, a few baby sleeper outfits, a warmer jump suit for cooler nights and a baby blanket for wrapping them up tight when sleeping and feeding.

Apart from clothing the baby will require nappies and bath items during the first weeks and beyond.  An important purchase is nappies as newborn babies can go through quite a number of nappies in a day so you want to make sure that you have enough and that they are the right size and fit for the child.  It is also recommended that you have disposable wipes, washcloths, towels and a gentle baby wash to keep your child clean and make bath time easy.

Newborn babies also need to have their own designated sleeping area as well as a seat in the car for the all important trip home from the hospital.  Choosing a crib or bassinet for your child is a matter of taste and deciding on what features you need.  When choosing furniture for use around babies it is also a good idea to make sure that the furniture passes the various safety standards.  For use in the chosen crib or bassinet light weight blankets and bedding needs also to be bought.

Next to consider are items needed for feeding the baby.  Even if you are intending on breast feeding your new baby it is also a good idea to have a few bottles just in case.  If you are going to be bottle feeding then you will need formula as well as baby bottles and also equipment to clean and sanitize the bottles before and after use.

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