Party Ideas for your children (from at-home do-it-yourself to extravagant budget blowers)

Hosting a party for your kids can be a great experience for the child as well as the other members of the family.  When deciding on what type of party to host for your child it is necessary to first consider the age of your child and the potential guests as well as the amount of money you are willing to spent on the party.  Children’s parties can range from the do it yourself version where the family hosts the party at their home with party food, cake and various games, to the extravagant party events where a party planner is called in and no expense is spared on things like the venue, theme and gifts for the child and the guests.

The age of the child and the age of the guests attending the party is important to consider especially when it comes to planning the entertainment and games for the party.  If the activities or entertainment are not age appropriate the guests and the host will not enjoy the party.  Parties for very young children are generally a family affair as children’s parties that involve inviting guests normally starts when the child is attending school and has developed a circle of friends.

The other consideration when planning a party for your child’s birthday is the amount of money you have budgeted for the occasion.  Children’s parties can be done on a relatively small budget and they can also be an extravagant event for those families with an open ended budget.  For those families that have a tight budget children’s parties can easily be held at home with decorations either made or bought cheaply at party supply shops reflecting a theme chosen by the child.  These parties can have great low cost party games such as pass the parcel and depending where you live entertainment such as a magician or clown can make up part of the entertainment for the birthday child and the guests all for an agreed amount at the time of hire.

Families that have a much larger budget for a child’s birthday party may wish to hire a venue for the party and have the venue decorated to a theme or you may want to plan a party around an activity such as ten pin bowling, ice skating, makeup party, go carting or even hiring a video gaming venue.  These activities are popular with children but can be expensive depending on the number of guests attending.  It is also important to choose an age appropriate activity so that the birthday child and the guests are able to participate and have a great time.

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