Organic Baby Clothes: What are the Benefits

Cotton is one of the most versatile materials when it comes to clothing especially baby clothing.  The material can be easily coloured and combined with other materials and cotton is quite durable as a material not losing any of its properties even when wet.  Cotton and materials made with cotton are able to be subjected to high temperatures and sanitizing processes without damage which makes it a perfect material for baby clothing as well as baby bedding products.

Using organic cotton for baby clothing and bedding has many of the same benefits as using regular cotton materials however the organic properties are said to increase the environmental benefits and the growing and processing of the cotton without toxic chemicals is said to benefit the baby who will be wearing the cotton.  Cotton itself is an organic material however it is the toxic chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers that are used in the growth and harvesting of cotton that are of main concern.

Cotton that is farmed organically has to be grown and processed without the use of artificial and toxic chemicals.  Many organic farms achieve similar results to traditional cotton farms by implementing farming techniques such as crop rotation and by the use of environmentally friendly alternatives to fertilizers and chemicals.  The value of the organic cotton comes from the fact that it has been grown without chemicals and has less of an environmental impact.

Organic cotton baby clothing is made from organic materials and it is also subject to an organic manufacturing process which means the clothing has at no stage of manufacture had any chemicals of toxins used on it.  This manufacturing process includes the use of natural dyes and materials that are used to make the baby clothing.

Many people are unaware of the amount of toxins and environmental damage is caused by the regular high intensive cotton farming that happens around the world to feed our demand for cotton.  It is important for people to make a conscious decision to move to organic options for items such as baby clothing.  Choosing an organic option is of great benefit to the environment and in the case of children’s clothing a much healthier option for the child who will spend time wearing the clothing over their soft skin.

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