Information About Pregnancy Test Calculators

Pregnancy test calculators, or home pregnancy tests as they are often called are a relatively cheap over the counter item which can be used to test if a woman is pregnant.  Most of these tests involve measuring the levels of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) which is present in a women’s blood and urine.  Testing the blood or urine for the presence of hCG and determining if a woman is in fact pregnant can be done from conception as the body starts to produce hCG at an early stage of pregnancy, just a few days after conception and even before the egg has implanted in the uterus.  Testing of hCG levels is also very accurate as the level in a normal pregnancy will double approximately every 3 days.

Using a home pregnancy test usually involves testing the levels of hormone in a woman’s urine.  This is much easier to do than drawing blood and testing it and the urine tests are generally very reliable if the directions on the box are followed.  To increase the reliability of a pregnancy test it is advised that you do the test first thing in the morning as the amount of hormone is slightly higher in your urine than at any other part of the day.

As with many tests conducted at home it is essential that the instructions are followed precisely to avoid recording an incorrect result.  Many manufacturers advise that the test should be done more than once to be sure that the result is correct.  Waiting a day or two before retesting can give you a much better idea of whether or not you are pregnant as the hormone will gradually increase each day if you are in fact pregnant.  Different brands of pregnancy tests can also yield different results, as with most things that are mass produced and marketed, some pregnancy calculators are more accurate than others.

Once you have tested your urine for hCG using a pregnancy test calculator, if you get a positive result it is advised that you see your doctor who will conduct a more sensitive test to determine if the positive result is correct.  Taking a blood sample and testing for the hormone is generally the way a doctor will determine if you are pregnant.  This is test is extremely accurate and  the doctor may also conduct a pelvic exam as well.  A visit to the doctor is also a good idea for both your health and also the health of the baby.

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