How to Stop Your Baby From Crying

All babies cry, this is a perfectly normal thing for them to do.  Babies have a very limited way of communicating with us and crying is the main way that they can communicate with us that something is wrong.  One of the easiest ways to stop your baby from crying is to learn to recognise the different cries from your baby and address the problem or the cause of the discomfort.  Children or babies rarely cry for nothing and the sooner you work out what is upsetting them the sooner you will be able to stop the crying.

One of the main reasons babies cry is because they are hungry.  Babies and small children cannot tell you that they are hungry so they cry instead to get your attention.  Recognising when a baby is hungry is a good skill to develop as this problem is easy fixed with a quick feed or a bottle.  After a feed some babies may still cry and this may be due to wind from air swallowed during feeding.  This discomfort can easily be dealt with by burping the child to release the trapped air.  Once the baby has been burped and is more comfortable they should stop crying.

Another reason that babies cry is they are uncomfortable due to a wet or dirty nappy.  Checking the baby’s nappy is a good place to start if a baby won’t settle and stop crying.  Once the baby is more comfortable after a nappy change it is then easier to soothe or settle the child and if this is the cause of the crying then the nappy change should make a big difference to the crying.

Babies will also cry if their sleeping environment is uncomfortable.  If this is the case you should try adding or removing layers of the babies clothing to make them more comfortable.  With new born babies try wrapping them tightly in a blanket as this will make them feel safer in the cot and may help to stop baby crying.

Babies will also cry if they are sick or they are suffering from colic.  If at any stage your baby develops a temperature or the baby cries for long periods of time it is important to consult a doctor to determine the cause of the crying.  Babies that cry due to colic or have a high temperature will only stop crying once the cause is dealt with so it is important to consult a doctor.

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