Handy Hints for Choosing Unisex Baby Clothes

At some stage in your life you may have friends that decide to keep the sex of their baby a secret until the birth.  Many people love to give baby clothing and other gifts to the couple in question but this can be difficult if you are not sure whether the baby is a boy or a girl.  In situations such as this you may want to consider buying unisex clothing which will suit the baby regardless of what sex they are.  Shopping for unisex baby clothing can be a great way to keep the secret about what sex the baby will be while still being able to prepare as much as possible before the birth.

For those people who have babies and young children and have shopped around for clothing you will be aware that a large part of the baby clothing range in many shops is designed for baby girls.  This is great if you have a baby girl who needs clothes however it makes shopping for boys or finding unisex clothing that little bit harder.

Unisex clothing needs to suit either a girl or a boy so it is important to select clothing that comes in a neutral colour or a colour that suits both male and female.  Most unisex clothing is available in light greens, yellows, white, tan or light browns, red and various combinations of these colours.  It is also a good idea to look for clothing that has patterns and pictures that are not gender specific such as animals or lettering.

Once you have decided on colours and patterns that are suitable for both girls and boys you can then look for a particular item of clothing to buy.  There are many clothing items that are necessities when you have a baby such as a baby hat, one piece jump suits, sleeping suits, socks, bibs, shirts and jumpers and these items are handy for both girls and boys.  If you select items such as these in neutral colours then they will look great on either a boy or girl.

When shopping for unisex baby cloths it is also a good idea to purchase good quality clothing that can take some rough treatment and constant washing.  These clothes will last until the baby has grown out of them and if the parents are planning on having more children then these clothes can be used again for the next baby.

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