Good Parenting Tips

Parenting can be one of the most rewarding experiences you  can have however it can also be difficult and situations can arise that test the parent child relationship.  All parents make mistakes, even the most forgiving and patient ones so the following are a few tips that may help you foster and maintain a positive relationship between parent and child.

The most important part of good parenting is to love your children.  Love can be expressed in many different ways such as a hug or a kiss and is essential for any child.  Letting your children know how much they mean to you is an important part of a healthy relationship that should exist between any parent and child.

Spending time with the children is also important when it comes to good parenting.  By spending time with children doing activities such as reading or playing games can develop a positive relationship between parent and child and also lets the child know that they are an important part of the family.  Spending quality time with children also results in better behaved children as many ‘bad’ children display unacceptable behaviour in an effort to attract attention.

Providing safety is also an important part of good parenting.  Children need to have an environment where they can feel safe after having a nightmare or during a loud thunderstorm.  Safety is important for children who look to their parents for guidance and also need to be reassured as children can often feel insecure.

Listening to your children is also an important part of good parenting and in many cases children will have something to say that can make you smile or surprise you.  The days of children are seen and not heard are defiantly gone and it is important to give children space to express their opinions and ask questions.  Taking the time to answer questions and explain things to children is a valuable part of their development.

Another essential part of good parenting is consistency.  This can include consistency with discipline and consistency with rules and schedules which involve children.  Consistency with discipline is important especially between parents as problems can develop if there is no consistency.  Family rules that are consistent also make it easier for children to learn and remember and these rules can then be used in situations where for example a baby sitter is looking after the kids.

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