Effects of Authoritarian Parenting

For those who have children you will know that parenting can provide you with many challenges and can also be the most rewarding thing you can do in your life.  Parents are never perfect when it comes to raising children and all parents make mistakes while negotiating the mine field that is parenting.  All parents want their children to turn out right and posses qualities such as discipline and being able to behave themselves and for some parents adopting an Authoritarian Parenting style is the way to achieve this.

Authoritarian parenting involves the setting of a code of conduct and a focus on shaping and controlling a child’s behaviour in line with the rules of this code of conduct.  Parents who use this parenting style demand total respect from the children and place a very high value on obedience.

This style of parenting generally uses forceful measures to keep in check a child’s behaviour and to make sure that the right behaviour is maintained at all times.  Most parents who use the authoritarian parenting style do so with little flexibility and generally set extremely high standards of behaviour that a child must live up to.

Parents that adopt this style of managing their children stress that it is important to always be in control and be able to exert that control over their children.  The control comes with setting a number of strict rules that are designed to keep some sort of order in the family and achieve this without the need for any affection or emotion on the part of the parents.  Children who are raised in this type of environment are constantly pushed to meet high standards of behaviour and if they fail to meet these high standards they are then subject to harsh criticism or punishment.

One of the main problems with using an authoritarian parenting style is that children who are subject to rules and this type of discipline rarely get to think for themselves and when put in a situation where they are allowed this freedom they are not sure what to do.  Another problem with this type of parenting style is that children can get confused about what they should and shouldn’t do and this provides stress to the child as a wrong move could result in punishment.

Authoritarian parenting is regarded by many as an outdated parenting style and not suited to today’s modern society and family life.  Many parents adopt more flexible ways of parenting which involves treating children with respect and showing them love and affection.

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