Cloth Nappies or Disposable – The Great Debate

It takes a few years for babies to get to the stage where toilet training starts so for the first part of their life they need to wear nappies. There are two main types of nappies available on the market and these are the reusable cloth nappies and the commercially available disposable nappies.  Deciding which type of nappy is more suited to your child and lifestyle is one of those decisions that is made easier when looking at the pros and cons of both of the available options.

Cloth nappies have been around for a long time, longer than the commercially available disposable nappies and the early versions of the cloth nappy were commonly a simple terry towelling square or rectangle which was folded to fit around the legs and the waist of the baby and held in place with nappy pins.  This version of the cloth nappy had the advantage of being quick drying when unfolded and hung out to dry and the terry towelling material was extremely absorbent when folded into several layers to make the nappy.  There are a few other versions of cloth nappies which are shaped to fit with elastic legs similar to the disposable nappies, have Velcro tabs to fasten the nappy and  they have absorbent padding.

Cloth nappies are great for people who are conscious of the environment as these nappies can be washed and reused many times unlike a disposable.  Many of the new type of adjustable cloth nappies are also more comfortable for your baby as they are adjustable and the absorbent liner draws the moisture away from the baby’s skin to help reduce nappy rash.  Apart from these benefits cloth nappies are much more expensive to buy which means that more money has to be laid out initially for this option.  As well as the initial expense cloth nappies have to be cleaned and washed which takes time, water and laundry essentials.

Disposable nappies are a more popular choice for families as they have many great benefits over the use of cloth nappies.  Disposable nappies are more convenient to use than cloth nappies with most disposables having easy to use tabs, adjustment to fit the child and contain extremely absorbent lining which absorbs the liquid and draws it away from the babies skin to keep them dry.  The convenience of these nappies is that once they are used they are thrown in the bin so there is no cleaning required.  Disposable nappies are also quite cheap to purchase with many brands costing around 40 cents per nappy and even less for bulk packs of nappies.  The main problem with disposable nappies is there affect on the environment with nappies making up a large proportion of the garbage that ends up in landfill.  Disposable nappies take a long time to break down in landfill which is why many people choose to use cloth nappies to help do their bit for the environment.

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