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Should Mums Work Part Time?

Many mums fear returning to work as they think that they should be at home with their kids rather than at work. Many believe that they will miss out on their children’s milestone, like their first steps, first words and all those things that mums should be there for.

A recent study has actually shown, however, that mums with a part time job are not harming their children in any way. The study of 4,500 preschoolers in Australia actually found that mums who work part time are healthier than their full time counterparts and their counterparts who stay at home.

The study found that children of part time mums were less likely to eat junk food or watch TV and were also less likely to become overweight. The study was conducted over a two year period and the results actually suggested that mums who work part time also went to considerable lengths to make sure that they spent time with their kids and that that time was high quality, interactive time.

Jan Nicholson, of Melbourne’s Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, said: “When mothers work part-time, there’s obviously something about the way the house is run, and the way parents are looking after their children that is protective.”

The study was aptly named “Do working mothers raise couch potatoes” and it did actually find some negative results, which were that if a mum were to work more than 34 hours a week that she would struggle to find the time to engage in family activities and cooking. But then again, who wouldn’t?

Of course there are pros and cons as to the effects of working mums on their children, but it’s unlikely to do them any harm and in fact working mums should be seen as role models who support and provide for their families, whilst still being great mums.

Products for Baby: Things You Will Need in the First Few Weeks

One of the great little side benefits of having a baby is the chance to go out and shop for some of the cute baby clothes and items that you will need when the baby comes home from hospital.  At this point in time many parents know whether they are having a boy or a girl and this makes things a little easier when shopping for clothing and accessories.  Many parents will shop for various essential items before the baby comes home as it makes things a lot easier when your shopping if you are not juggling a new born.

Surprisingly new born babies do not require a huge amount of items or clothing during their first couple of weeks at home.  When it comes to clothing it is suggested that you buy a few one piece jump suits or Onesies, a few baby sleeper outfits, a warmer jump suit for cooler nights and a baby blanket for wrapping them up tight when sleeping and feeding.

Apart from clothing the baby will require nappies and bath items during the first weeks and beyond.  An important purchase is nappies as newborn babies can go through quite a number of nappies in a day so you want to make sure that you have enough and that they are the right size and fit for the child.  It is also recommended that you have disposable wipes, washcloths, towels and a gentle baby wash to keep your child clean and make bath time easy.

Newborn babies also need to have their own designated sleeping area as well as a seat in the car for the all important trip home from the hospital.  Choosing a crib or bassinet for your child is a matter of taste and deciding on what features you need.  When choosing furniture for use around babies it is also a good idea to make sure that the furniture passes the various safety standards.  For use in the chosen crib or bassinet light weight blankets and bedding needs also to be bought.

Next to consider are items needed for feeding the baby.  Even if you are intending on breast feeding your new baby it is also a good idea to have a few bottles just in case.  If you are going to be bottle feeding then you will need formula as well as baby bottles and also equipment to clean and sanitize the bottles before and after use.

How to distinguish Baby Diarrhea from Normal Poop: Causes and Treatments

New born and very young children will poop quite frequently generally after they have had a feed.  To determine if your baby has diarrhea it is first necessary to recognise what is a normal poop so that you can compare when changing their nappy.  Baby poop is usually very soft especially if the baby is being breast fed and will have subtle changes depending on what the mother has eaten.  It is important to know what is a normal poop for your baby as soft poop doesn’t always mean that the child has diarrhea.  Poop consistency will also change when the child starts easting solid food.  The main change is that the poop will be firmer and it may change colour depending on the food eaten.

Once you have worked out what is a normal poop for your child it is then easier to diagnose baby diarrhea when it occurs.  Obvious changes in the consistency of the poop can signify diarrhea and this may include much looser stools than normal, an increase in poops and also the presence of watery stools in the nappy.

Baby Diarrhea is quite common among young children and is generally not serious provided that the child does not become dehydrated.  A baby who is suffering from diarrhea will lose water quite quickly so it is important that the diarrhea is recognised and the child is given plenty of fluids.

Diarrhea in babies can be caused by a large number if things including illness, infection and even the result of taking a course of antibiotics.  If the diarrhea is the result of a virus or infection then there will be a number of other symptoms that the child will have besides diarrhea such as vomiting, pain in the abdominal area as well as a fever.  This is also the case with bacterial infections which may also cause the presence of blood in the babies stool as well as the symptoms just described.

Babies can also have diarrhea as a result of a course of antibiotics prescribed for the treatment of an infection.  In many cases this is only a mild case of diarrhea which passes after the course of antibiotics has finished.  Treatment in this case is to make sure that the child has enough fluids during this time.

Food and food intolerance can also be a cause of diarrhea in young children.  Too much fruit juice can cause a baby to suffer from diarrhea as can an intolerance to certain foods such as lactose intolerance.  If food is the cause of the diarrhea then it is important to see your doctor to work out how to deal with this and also discuss food alternatives.

Exercise Promotes Child’s Heart Health Throughout and After Pregnancy

Doctors have long been steady advocates of exercise during pregnancy, following years of research that have proven its benefits on heart development. New studies show that staying active ensures more than that: it also lowers a baby’s heart rate in the final weeks of pregnancy and the first few weeks after childbirth, a sign of good cardiac health.

In a study conducted by Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences (KCUMB), exercise physiologist Linda May and her team found that the fetuses of pregnant women who did at least 30 minutes of exercise three times a week had better heart rates than those who exercised less. The improvements lasted from the last stages of pregnancy throughout the child’s first month of life.

The study tracked 61 pregnant women, whose infant and maternal-fetal heart functions were taken four times at regular intervals. The women were engaged in different fitness activities, including running, power walking, yoga, and weight lifting.

Regular aerobic exercise has long been shown to improve bodily systems that control heart function in babies, according to May. Better heart control function points not just to a healthy cardiovascular system, but to good health overall, she added.

May, who has spent the last four years conducting studies on fetal heart development, says she hopes the findings will encourage women to take steps early in the pregnancy to ensure a healthy child. She says that a most studies and awareness programs focus on the health of school-age children today, although data shows that this can be influenced long before the kids are born.

The study was funded jointly by KCUMB and the University of Kansas Medical Center’s Hoglund Brain Imaging Center. The results appeared in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) journal this month.

Even obese women, who are normally advised to delay any weight-loss attempts to avoid hurting the baby, can safely remain active during the pregnancy. This was shown in a separate study at Saint Louis University, led by Department of Obstetrics chair Dr. Raul Artal. Dr. Artal’s findings show that weight loss during pregnancy isn’t necessarily harmful, and can in fact improve both the mother’s and baby’s health.

Here’s another incentive for women who aren’t inclined to get up and go: a more hassle-free pregnancy and easier labor. Both studies (and several others) show that expectant moms who exercise regularly experience less discomfort throughout the pregnancy and tend to have easier childbirth, with a lower risk of requiring a Caesarian section.

Tips for Summer Fashionable Maternity Clothes

Looking for stylish and fashionable maternity clothing can at times seem like a very difficult task.  Maternity wear that fits and is comfortable to wear can often appear too casual or can be limited in the colour and styles that are available.  Maternity wear that is not quite the right fit or a boring colour is an extra worry for women who at this stage in their life have other things to worry about without the stress of not having clothes that fit and look great.  Dressing fashionably and also being happy with the maternity clothes you are wearing boosts self esteem and confidence which is very important especially during a time such as pregnancy.

When looking for maternity clothing, especially for the summer it is a good idea to select items that are made of lighter material.  Light and flowing dresses are perfect for a lunch appointment not only because they are great for a casual outing but they allow for your expanding stomach so you can wear them right through your pregnancy.

Your summer maternity clothing should include at least one pair of denim pants.  There are quite a few different styles and variety of these on the market which are designed specifically for pregnant women.  The great thing about denim is that it can be dressed up or down depending on the function you are attending.  Denim is a great material which easily matches to most colours and can be dressed up with great shoes and accessories.

Another item that is an essential for your summer fashionable maternity clothes is a great maternity swimsuit.  Swimming while you are pregnant is a great way to stay active and exercise so owning a swimsuit that looks and feels great is an essential.  Many people choose a two piece swim suit as it gives your expanding stomach room to grow while providing support in all the required areas.  A great addition to a maternity swimsuit is to wear a wrap while you are out of the water.

Summer maternity clothing is also cheaper to purchase than winter clothing as you won’t be needing expensive items such as jackets and pants.  Summer outfits such as dresses, skirts, t shirts and shirts are easily found in many retail stores that have a maternity section and are also available online.  When you are choosing your fashionable maternity clothing make sure that the items you buy can be mixed and matched giving you more options for wearing out.