Become a baby sleep guru – tips on how to help your baby fall asleep

If you are having trouble settling your child down to sleep there are a few things that you can do to make this task a bit easier and try to help your baby sleep better and wake less.  Babies, just like us have individual sleep needs and recognising these needs is key to both you and your baby having an uninterrupted night’s sleep.  The following are some tips that may help you  and your baby sleep better.

One of the best tips for parents is to recognise when your baby is tired and putting them to bed as soon as they show signs that they are sleepy.  Anyone that is kept awake when they are tired can get grumpy and this is the case with babies as well.  Some of the signs to look for that indicate your baby is getting sleepy include becoming quiet, fussing and no interest in people or toys around them.

Another great tip for settling babies into bed is to develop a bedtime ritual which is the same every   evening.  It has been shown that having a routine such as a bath before bed can help even newborn babies to settle down to sleep.

Wrapping up newborn babies can help them to sleep better as the blanket or wrap provides a sense of security for the baby.  Wrapping a baby up when they are sleeping also limits their movement and they are less likely to disturb themselves while they are sleeping.

Babies, especially newborns, need frequent feeds to keep them happy and their little tummies full.  As they develop a sleep routine you should find that your baby will start to develop at least one longer period between feeds.  Ideally you should encourage this longer sleep time during the night by offering feeds more frequently during the day.

During the night avoid waking the baby during feed times by changing their nappy or other activities that will disturb their sleep.  If your baby is falling asleep during day time feeds and only having a short feed then this is the time to wake them up by changing their nappy or encouraging them to play a little and once you are done or they look as though they are ready to sleep offer them the other breast to finish the feed.

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