Baby Cots: What to Know Before You Buy One

Buying the right furniture for your child can be a time consuming process as there are a huge range of kids furniture on the market.  When shopping for the best baby cot to suit your situation there are a few things that you can consider that will make this choice a lot easier and also safer for your child.  The following is a checklist that you can use to ensure the baby cot that you chosen is going to have a safe sleep environment and also meets the relevant Australian standard for safety.

One important fact to consider when choosing a new baby cot is that more expensive does not mean that the cot is any better or safer.  Any baby cot that you are considering should pass the Australian Standard and this will normally be shown on a sticker or tag on the baby cot while in the show room of many retail stores.

The next thing to check is the height of the mattress to the top of the rail.  It is important that when a mattress is fitted to the cot it does not reduce the distance between the mattress and the rail to a point where it can be possible for the child to climb out.  Selecting a cot with a high rail will avoid this potential problem.

Another feature that should be part of the cot you select is to make sure that there is adequate room in the cot for air to circulate.  Make sure that you choose a baby cot that slats for the best air circulation and also one that is open on all four sides.  Babies who are active when they sleep and tend to push blankets up against a side or end of the cot benefit from having a cot that is open on all four sides so there is still adequate air circulation even with the blankets blocking one side of the cot.

Before you purchase a baby cot it is also necessary to consider what features you would like the baby cot to have and also what budget you have for the purchase.  Baby cots come with a great selection of extra features such as storage for blankets and sheets and also toys that can be added to the cot.  Many of these things add to the cost of the baby cot so it is important that you decide on a budget before committing to buy a particular baby cot.

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