An Ayurvedic Pregnancy Guide

The practice of Ayurvedic is a holistic tradition and those who practice this tradition take the preparation for pregnancy very seriously.  The preparation for an Ayurvedic pregnancy involves both partners and each must observe specific steps to ensure that the males sperm and the women’s ova are ready and that the women’s body is also ready for the pregnancy.  Both partners in the relationship take part and the belief is that following these steps before and during conception will ensure the overall well being of the baby during the pregnancy and after the child is born.

Before conception there are certain guidelines that a women must follow to ensure the health of her eggs.  This tradition requires that the woman observe rest and self healing during her period of menstruation and also practise meditation and relaxation.  As well as this part of the tradition it is also important for the woman to eat a nutritious and balanced diet before conception and ovulation.

As well as the practices involving meditation and nutrition it is also important to practitioners of Ayurvedic that both the female and the male are healthy to ensure that the pregnancy and the child has optimum health.  If the women has had any infections or diseases or the male has had any diseases it is important that these are cleared up well before conception occurs.

Ayurvedic teachings also require both partners to take part in a practise called pancha karma which is completed to bring each body into a balanced state.  Both the man and the woman are also encouraged to visualize and fill their minds with positive thoughts and feelings that will be transferred to the child at conception.  Teachings also stress the importance of conceiving at the right time to ensure that there is balance and that this sense of balance is passed on to the child when it is born.

Once the couple have observed the previously mentioned teachings they are then ready to make love and to conceive a child.  This act of making love to conceive a child is a sacred act in Ayurvedic practice and it is important that both partners have a peaceful and loving emotional state and not be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.

Following an Ayurvedic pregnancy guide can to some people seem complex and confusing however the steps followed and the rituals observed in this practice can provide a good foundation for the conception and birth of a child and also the relationship between the parents.

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