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Selecting the Right Baby Boy Clothing

One of the many exciting things about being a parent of a newborn baby boy is shopping for great little outfits for your child.  Anyone who has shopped around the various retail outlets would have noticed that much of the retail market is tailored more towards girls clothing rather than boys.  With this in mind it takes a little more effort on the part of the parents to find great outfits for their little sons from newborn to toddler.

One great feature of baby boys clothing is that outfits can be more readily mixed and matched than baby girl clothing.  Baby boy outfits such as trousers and t shirts are easily mixed and matched which gives you more outfits for your child without having to spend more money.

Purchasing a number of jump suits is also a good idea when deciding on important clothing for baby boys.  These jump suits can be used as an under shirt for some outfits and can also be worn on their own as a comfortable onesie which is suitable for sleeping in.  These one piece outfits are popular with baby boys as they are comfortable, easy to keep clean and many of them come in a variety colours that suit boys.  These one piece outfits are available in colours such as green, blue, yellow and reds and also feature designs and pictures such as animal prints and dinosaurs which are more suited to baby boys.

If you are shopping on a budget for baby boy clothing there are a few different options that are available which can save you money and still be able to dress your baby boy in cute, suitable clothing.  One suggestion is to ask relatives and friends if they have clothing for baby boys that they are not using or have finished with.  Babies grow quite quickly so much of the clothing that people buy for babies is still in good condition and can be used for more than one child.

The other option that parents have when looking for baby boy clothing is to shop at second hand stores where you can often get great bargains for kids clothes.  For people who don’t have the option of shopping around the internet also offers great variety and low prices for baby boy clothing.  Shopping online for clothing is also easy when you have a baby as they can sit on your knee while you shop which can be much easier than going to the shops.

What You Should Know Before Buying Newborn Baby Clothes

One of the best bits of getting ready for the arrival of a new baby is shopping for various items you will need such as cute new born baby clothing.  Before you head out to the shopping mall and spend a fortune it is important to work out what clothing your new born baby will need and to also consider the following when choosing the most suitable for your baby.

One mistake that parents often make is buying too many outfits in smaller newborn sizes.  During this stage of their lives babies grow quite quickly so if you have only bought clothing for a new born you will soon find that the clothes you have will no longer fit your baby.  When shopping for clothes make sure you select some bigger sizes and also hang on to the receipts of your baby clothing so you can return items that you have not used but are too small for your newborn.

When selecting clothing for newborn babies it is also a good idea to make sure the clothing you purchase is easy to wash with a washing machine and can be dried easily in a drier.  Check the labels before you buy newborn baby clothing as there is a surprising number of baby clothing lines that hand wash only or need to be dry-cleaned.  Every day baby wear needs to be easy to look after so make sure you limit the amount of clothing that has special washing instructions.

Newborn baby clothing should also be easy to put on and take off especially when you need to change their nappy.  Babies can be quite flexible when it comes to dressing them however you want to make tasks such as nappy changes as easy as possible by buying clothing that gives you quick access to the nappy area.  Many lines of newborn baby clothes have snap opening over the nappy so you don’t have to totally undress the baby to change his or her nappy.

The last important thing to consider when buying baby clothing is the comfort factor.  Look for baby clothing that has minimal zippers, buttons and snaps which can be uncomfortable for the baby while they are lying down.  It is also a good idea to select clothing that has been made from natural materials such as cotton which is more comfortable for the baby especially in areas where it contacts the skin.

Handy Hints for Choosing Unisex Baby Clothes

At some stage in your life you may have friends that decide to keep the sex of their baby a secret until the birth.  Many people love to give baby clothing and other gifts to the couple in question but this can be difficult if you are not sure whether the baby is a boy or a girl.  In situations such as this you may want to consider buying unisex clothing which will suit the baby regardless of what sex they are.  Shopping for unisex baby clothing can be a great way to keep the secret about what sex the baby will be while still being able to prepare as much as possible before the birth.

For those people who have babies and young children and have shopped around for clothing you will be aware that a large part of the baby clothing range in many shops is designed for baby girls.  This is great if you have a baby girl who needs clothes however it makes shopping for boys or finding unisex clothing that little bit harder.

Unisex clothing needs to suit either a girl or a boy so it is important to select clothing that comes in a neutral colour or a colour that suits both male and female.  Most unisex clothing is available in light greens, yellows, white, tan or light browns, red and various combinations of these colours.  It is also a good idea to look for clothing that has patterns and pictures that are not gender specific such as animals or lettering.

Once you have decided on colours and patterns that are suitable for both girls and boys you can then look for a particular item of clothing to buy.  There are many clothing items that are necessities when you have a baby such as a baby hat, one piece jump suits, sleeping suits, socks, bibs, shirts and jumpers and these items are handy for both girls and boys.  If you select items such as these in neutral colours then they will look great on either a boy or girl.

When shopping for unisex baby cloths it is also a good idea to purchase good quality clothing that can take some rough treatment and constant washing.  These clothes will last until the baby has grown out of them and if the parents are planning on having more children then these clothes can be used again for the next baby.