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Baby Strollers: How to choose the best Running Stroller

Many parents live very active lives and after the birth of a child are keen to get back into exercise as soon as practical.  For those parents who enjoy running or jogging and now have a little baby to look after a running stroller may just be the answer.  Baby Strollers have come a long way over the last couple of years and have developed from the basic fold up models that have been around for years to the light weight, running strollers that have become a popular choice for families who are looking for a stroller that suits their active lifestyle.

Running strollers have become a very popular choice for families and manufacturers have provided a wide range of choice when it comes to the style, construction and features of running baby strollers.  This gives the consumer great variety to choose from but also has the effect of making the choice somewhat more difficult when it comes to deciding on which running stroller is the best for your situation.  To make this decision a little easier the following are features that you should consider when choosing a running stroller.

With any baby stroller that is designed for running or jogging it is important that the design and construction is light weight.  A heavier running stroller is more difficult to push around especially if you have packed all the baby essentials so the lighter the stroller the better.

The wheel size and adjustment is also something that needs to be considered especially if you are planning to use the baby stroller in off road situations.  Larger wheels, especially those that are air filled give the baby stroller a smoother ride over uneven ground.  The adjustment of the wheels is also important as jogging or running strollers will have the choice of a fixed or a swivelling front wheel or some designs also have a front wheel that can be locked and unlocked depending on what you will be using the stroller for.  Many of the newer running strollers have been designed with a front wheel that can be locked an unlocked so you can have the wheel locked in place while running and able to swivel for extra manoeuvrability when using the stroller at the shops.

It is also important to consider the safety features of a running or jogging baby stroller as you may be travelling at some speed while using the stroller.  Make sure that the stroller has a 5 point harness system for the baby and that the stroller has a wrist or arm tether to avoid having a runaway stroller.

Apart from the features of the running baby stroller it is important that any stroller that you get is easy to fold and unfold and that you are able to lift the stroller in and out of the car.  It is always a good idea to have a go at this while you are in the store and also make sure that you can fit the folded baby stroller in the boot of your car.

Choosing the Right Baby Stroller

Baby strollers are one of the most used items especially if you are a parent that enjoys going out with your baby for walks or even going for a run.  Choosing the right type of baby stroller is important and by considering a few things before you buy one you can save yourself a lot of trouble and inconvenience.  There are hundreds of different types of baby strollers on the market each with different features and designed for different uses so it is important to consider the following so that you select the most appropriate stroller for you and your baby.

Safety is the most important consideration when it comes to you and your baby so it is important to make sure that the stroller your select meets the safety standards required in your country.  It is also important to check the strollers restraints as well as the stability of the stroller when it is packed with nappy bags and other baby stuff.

The next consideration is the price or how much money you have budgeted for the purchase of the stroller.  There are a good range of strollers available in each price bracket from the cheaper old style fold up baby strollers to the more expensive light weight jogging baby strollers that have all the extras and everything that opens and shuts.

Baby strollers come in a huge range of styles and types so it is important to consider how you are going to use the stroller or the activities that you are going to be doing before you decide on which one to buy.  Light weight folding baby strollers maybe great for trips to the shopping centre however the style and the small wheels make these baby strollers unsuitable for people who are going to be jogging or using the stroller off the footpath.  The best way to choose the right stroller for you is to visit a few stores and try out a few different models, making sure that you can fold and unfold the stroller and that it feels comfortable to push around.

Some other things to consider when choosing the right baby stroller for your child is do you need a stroller that seats more than one child, are you able to lift the stroller in and out of the car, does the folded stroller fit into the car boot and can you easily fold and unfold the stroller while managing the baby.